Ballymacarbry Community Centre House Rules

1. The rent for the hostel will be €20/lodger. One bed per lodger only.

2. Lodgers must keep hostel room clean and tidy for duration of stay

3. Lodgers have use of the bedroom given to them but they do not have exclusive possession of it. The BCC management has the right to move the lodgers to a different room at short notice

4. Lodgers must keep kitchen and surrounding area clean and tidy for duration of stay and must coordinate with catering company on food/waste disposal. Lodgers must not allow rubbish to build up in the bedroom/kitchen/communal areas

5. Lodgers are only permitted to use rooms requested i.e. Hostel bedrooms, toilets and kitchen area as agreed with BCC management

6. Lodgers are responsible for keeping their own items secure. The BCC management does not take any responsibility for any lost items

7. Access to larger rooms may be facilitated on request and fee will be charged

8. Lodgers must adhere to booking requests as agreed

9. Lodgers must not bring any pets into the centre

10. Lodgers must not move or damage any furniture/pictures/wall fittings

11. Lodgers must report any loss of keys immediately to BCC management

12. Lodgers must take all their personal belongings when they leave the property

**N.B. Lodgers must leave any room used in the same condition as they received it**

If there are any issues, please contact any BCC committee members immediately.